S.G.M. S.r.l. is composed of about 220 people with specific technical backgrounds and considerable years of experience in consulting and building in the field of electric systems, technological and electrotechnical systems, telecommunications, security systems, video surveillance, heat and plumbing systems, ventilation, pipe fitting, light and heavy carpentry and all types of welding in the civil, industrial and shipbuilding sectors.
During the years of activity, the professionalism of our staff has allowed us to acquire ever new and more important contracts, thus increasing the know-how and expertise of our personnel. As an added value to the quality of our services we have obtained the UNI EN ISO 9001 certification: 2008 and the SOA OS30 certification. Moreover, we are also expecting the SOA OG10 - OS28 certification of quality.
One of the latest important contracts completed in December 2013, was the construction and setting up of the electrical systems of the IKEA shopping centre, in Villesse - Gorizia, where we delivered an on-time and high quality service to the satisfaction of the contractor.

what we do

➢ Feasibility Studies, Planning and Technical Consultancy.

➢ Construction and Setting up:

• medium and low voltage electrical systems;
• electro-instrumental systems for the civil, industrial and shipbuilding sectors;
• automation systems;
• telecomunicazioni e rete dati;
• telecommunications and data networks;
• PV systems and alternative energy sources;
• combined heat and power systems;
• electrical and technological systems for hotels, schools and public buildings;
• heating systems, heating and plumbing, and air conditioning;
• ventilation systems and piping;
• explosion-proof systems for hazardous areas;
• light and heavy carpentry;
• welding of any kind.

➢ shipbuilding carpentry:

• pre-fabrication of hull structural units and blocks;
• pre-assembling of hull blocks;
• pre-assembling of sections at basin;
• carpentry and welding of any kind;
• pipe fititng.